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Local news — property taxes, Starbucks and ridiculous legislation

The city of Gulfport says its budget will be $3 million short in October, but wants to avoid raising property taxes.

The city has frozen all hiring, except what is considered “mission critical” positions.

Unfilled positions include city manager, the police chief, a police sergeant, two police officers, a police department records technician, a fire lieutenant, the leisure services administrative assistant and a staff assistant in the administrative services department.

The city had already eliminated several library positions, as well as a fire captain, firefighter, maintenance worker, recreation coordinator and a clerical position in the city clerk’s office.

My question — can the St. Pete Times please provide city documentation with its story to give some context to that $3 mil figure?

Tommy at Sticks of Fire explains why delinquent property taxes means more money for newspapers.

Teen shot at Childs Park Rec Center.

Kenneth City’s mayor-elect could be sworn in, 44 days after winning in a landslide. The takeaway¬†here is that Kenneth City, with a population of about 4,400, and a land area of 2 square miles, has a mayor.

Ybor City loves its Starbucks. Take that, Cuban coffee!

Alex Pickett has expanded his Bipartisan guide to ridiculous leglislation.