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G20 summit is a social media event

Live blogs, interactive maps, Audioboos, Twitterfall — the G20 Summit is London has been a hotbed of journalists showing off their social media skills.

Saved searches come to Twitter

Good news if you’ve discovered the power of using Twitter to work on stories.

Beatblogging reports that Twitter has now developed a Web interface allowing users to save their searches.

The Circle of Twitter

At TechCrunch, a guest author invokes the Bard when he asks:

Does Twitter want to be more like MySpace, which is cleaning up to be more like Facebook, which wants to be like Twitter? Where shall these three meet—in thunder, lightning or rain?

Social networking class at Poynter

Just a quick alert: Poynter Institute will be hosting a live webinar called Social Networks: The New Architecture of the Web. Paul Gillin, a content marketing consultant, will lead this virtual class, which will explain:

  • Why online “friends” are the foundation of social networks’ appeal
  • How trusted sources are migrating from mass media to friends’ networks
  • From examples of news organizations that are leveraging social networks to extend their influence
  • What newspapers can do right now to tap into emerging communities

The webinar is scheduled for April 14, 2-3 p.m. The cost is $24.95.

Up for a Twickie?

No, it’s not quick Twitter sex. It’s a tool to help you integrate Twitter responses into a blog post.

(Unless I say, “Let’s have a Twickie,” in which case I’m talking about sex.)

Journalist would gladly pay for Twitter

At Read Write Web, Marshall Kirkpatrick explains why he would shell out 50 bucks a month for his Twitter account:

I’m a news writer for a living. Using Twitter, I find news stories to write about. Such good stories, so fast and so often that I wrote a year and a half ago that Twitter is paying my rent. A couple of news tips a month that lead to stories that blow up big on Digg and the investment would be worth it to me.

Kirkpatrick also says that Twitter is far more effective at finding stories than as a marketing tool:

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Mashable monetizes Twitter

Earlier this month, Mashable launched Twitter Brand Sponsors, which attempts to surpass traditional  online advertising by getting brands and consumers talking to one another:

Here’s how it works: a limited number of brands (and one charity!) looking to engage with the social media community can have their latest Tweets syndicated into the Mashable sidebar, and interested visitors can choose to connect with those brands on TwitterTwitter reviewsTwitter reviews.